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Wedding Firework Packages

The perfect end to your

Perfect day

Fireworks for weddings

We offer a wide range of packages to suit every need and budget. We design stunning personal firework displays to suit your specific requirements. We choreograph spectacular pyrotechnic sequences timed to your choice of music with split second accuracy making your display every bit as personal to you as it is breathtaking to your guests!


Fireworks dancing with music of your own choice. This really is a truly magical and emotional experience, and we guarantee your family and friends will be left completely speechless. Split second timing and award winning choreography will ensure this is a display to remember.

Quiet Firework

Contrary to popular belief fireworks do not have to be loud. In noise sensitive areas, or just for personal preference, Bright Sparks can design emotive displays which flow with beautiful streams of colour with very limited noise.

Classic Fireworks

Spectacular explosions of colour light up the night sky to end your magical day in style. Anything is possible, and we can bring your wildest imagination to reality.

Daytime Effects

We can produce a quiet fireworks display if your venue or guests are noise sensitive! Colourful combinations of roman candles, stunning sweeps of stars, fountains and fans of glittering gold and tumbling silver waterfalls paint serene pictures in the sky.

Your perfect display does not have to break the bank​

We appreciate that the expense of a wedding can be rather overwhelming at times. Therefore we are pleased to offer a flexible payment plan in which you are in control with no hidden extras or costs.

To book your display we only require a 10% deposit. All we ask is that the full balance in paid 1 week prior to your display.

Our carefully selected range of Professional Pyrotechnics add-ons will further enhance your big day! Our add-on services come heavily discounted when you also order a Professional Firework Display from us.

  • Push to Start/ Push to Go button
    (Fire your very own firework spectacular with 'Push to Start")

  • Indoor Ice or Flame effects

      (Perfect for during your first dance!)

  • Confetti Cannons and Effects

      (Perfect for during your ceremony or evening celebration)

  • Co2 Low Fog/Mist Effect

      (Perfect for during your first dance!)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pyrotechnics

      (A spectacle for those looking to be a little bit more theatrical)

  • Heart Shells 

      (The perfect add-on to your Wedding Firework Display)

  • Lancing

      (Your name will shine bright in this stunning Firework set piece)

Bring the Sky to Life

Our "Push to Start" buttons put you in control allowing you to fire your very own spectacular professional firework display

“Handcrafted Professional Firework Displays that are guaranteed to leave you and your guests with an everlasting memory!”

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