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Firework displays are becoming more and more popular at all varieties of celebrations around the world. We have the perfect display for any occasion! Fired and timed to your selected music, we guarantee our displays will bring the WOW! factor to any event.

By sourcing products from around the globe we are able to provide you with what we consider to be the best products in their class. We do not compromise on quality for price! We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and firepower to bring you breathtaking displays.

We only use the best available firing equipment – Our FireOne system is a state-of-the-art digital firing system that is capable of igniting fireworks with split-second accuracy.


Using electrically-ignited fireworks is by far the safest method of presenting displays and gives the operator greater control over the display. We have the ability to test the connection of every firework in the show. Once this test has been completed and your audience are ready, away we go…

"Bringing the sky to life"

It doesnt matter if you’re getting married, hosting a private party, or in charge of organizing a large scale public display for thousands of people, we can cater for any budget and design and fire a stunning display to suit your every needs.

Things to Consider


How long would you like your display to last? Would you like a short display with maximum intensity, or a slightly longer display?


We can do the hard work for you. We will speak with the venue and establish a safe firing site. This can include boats, barges and rooftops! 


Bright Sparks can fire a display any time before 11pm by law. However, certain times of the year (e.g New Years) this is extended.


Have you thought of music? We can fire a display which is choreographed to music of your choice, and the fireworks will dance with the music.

Bright Sparks do not expect you to know the answers to these questions right away. Thats why our experienced display team are here to help you make the all important decisions and advise you along the way to ensure you get the exact display you dreamed of. 

Professional Firework FAQ's


Mais complexa e com maior riqueza de detalhes do que a maioria imagina, a preparação do processo é crucial para viabilizar seu caso, é importante usar o tempo a seu favor e ter os documentos necessários, na formatação exigida, assim que possível para dar velocidade ao seu processo.


Preparar os formulários com informações precisas e completas e submeter dentro dos padrões legais e éticos exigidos por lei.


Ser seu canal de ligação e comunicação com a imigração durante o processo de seleção, análise e decisão do seu processo, acompanhando qualquer exigência ou questionamento realizado pela imigração e respondendo de forma profissional e em tempo.


Criar um passo a passo, com datas e objetivos claros para potencializar e maximizar suas chances de incrementar sua pontuação no perfil imigratório.

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